The codes in different cities and counties in states across the country are designed to ensure that every person feels safe and comfortable in their home. When a property is in violation of these peacekeeping codes, their local municipality or county can issue a code enforcement against the property. 


County Lien Letters Florida

Real estate transactions may be complicated, but they don’t have to give you headaches. You simply have to be aware of the various laws in different states and municipalities. In Florida, you typically need county lien letters as part of the closing process on a real estate transaction. Get in touch today!

Municipal Lien Search Florida

Though the name might sound scary, municipal lien letters and municipal utility letters are actually a good thing. These documents let you know that you’re not in violation of any zoning, codes, or any open permit violations. They also prove that you’re not neglecting utility payments for the property. While you don’t need to receive these letters often.

Florida Real Estate Tax Search

Florida real estate taxes are a vital part of property ownership, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, sell your current property, or become a more informed owner, learning about the real estate taxes on your property is essential. 

Special Assessment Tax Liens

When a certain property has the opportunity to benefit from a public project, the municipality may levy charges against the property. These charges are known as special assessment tax liens.​ Public governing bodies typically levy special assessments for projects like infrastructure.

Florida City Permit Search

Each county in Florida demands a permit before construction on a property can begin. Unfortunately, unrecorded liens from a previous owner could stop your project in its tracks. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to get confused during the permit acquisition process.