Buying or Selling a Property? Lien Search Companies Can Help

If you are buying or selling a property, it is important to be informed. Real estate transactions can be delayed by things such as existing liens, unpaid real estate taxes, expired permits, and other violations which could end up costing you money. Lien search companies can help you avoid unnecessary complications, and often offer a variety of other services such as expired permit searches. Below are some things to look for in a municipal lien search company.

Municipal Lien Letters

A lien is a type of claim that is held by a third-party (in this case the municipality), against your property. If your property falls under the jurisdiction of the local municipality, you will need verification in the form of a municipal lien letter before selling. Municipal lien letters prove that your property has no violations, open permits, or has not had a special assessment. Search municipal lien search florida or property lien search florida to find the best company to assist with accurate lien verifications in your area.

Expired Permit Searches

Have you invested in new property, and are looking to begin a construction project? Expired permits could stand in the way, and it is your responsibility to ensure all permits are up to date. Often, lien search companies can assist with expired permit searches to ensure the correct building and zoning standards are being met. To learn more about permit acquisition and expired or open permit requirements, find a company near you that handles expired permit searches. Look up Florida city permit search to find out more information.

Real Estate Taxes

It is important to be informed about your property’s real estate taxes, whether you are looking to buy, sell, or simply want to be sure everything is up to date. Outstanding or unsecured taxes can result in liens on your property that can affect your ability to make changes, including potential developments. Because it may be difficult to find years of tax information, you should rely on professionals with the experience to access your property’s complete tax history. Lien search companies in your area can assist you with your Florida real estate tax search and get you the information you need.

Lien search companies offer a variety of services including compiling your complete tax history; executing expired permit searches and accurate lien verifications; and acquiring municipal lien letters and municipal utility letters. If you are thinking of buying, selling, or developing a property be sure to contact an experienced and reliable company near you to assist with your Florida lien search.